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Alex Kivekäs

Software developer


Asunto Helper

When: June - October 2022

Tech: NodeJS, Python
Description: Web scraper (puppeteer) plus Machine Learning. Set of scripts to load data from Oikotie houses and then to run Regression on the data in order to figure out pricing model around housing. Final report then brings top 10 options to check.
"When you are too lazy to check 100 options =)"

Git repo

Sport divison

When: October 2020 - September 2022

Tech: NodeJS, MongoDB, Google oAuth
Description: Using Olympics athletes data, the app finds a sport based on person's height and weight, in which you would be an average representative, thus having easier time to start with.
"Statistics is your ally"


Home PI 2

When: January - April 2021

Tech: JavaScript, Discord, STT/TTS
Description: Next iteration of Home Pi (Raspberry PI) project. A Chatbot usable via Discord or Speech recognition locally running website. Able to control TV and send reminders to Discord. Speech recognition is activated by volume level in oppose to activation word.
"At my service"



When: February - March 2019

Tech: NodeJS
Description: Lean and customizable in-memory cache. Allows to restrict cache in size as well as time. Provides different replacement strategies
"Keep the cache under full control"


Home Pi

When: April - June 2016

Tech: JavScript, Node-RED, Kodi, Wunderlist API & Mobile client, Trello API
Description: Digital content assistant & media center based on Raspberry Pi. Few interval jobs to check content from various sites, e.g. new Film trailers at and send notifications to Mobile via Wunderlist about new tv-series.

Github Repo Overview


When: March - May 2014

Tech: Java Spring / Hibernate, MySQL
Description: Java web application to conduct small tests and multiple-choice based exams in schools and universities. Quizzium is devoted to an idea of easier life for all, students and teachers. For student it is possibility to see results immediately, whereas for teacher it is great assistance for evaluating and checking tests.




5892 Cups of coffee

8 Large scale projects

61 Pizzas consumed



Musti Group, Retail
Solutions architect
2023 - present

OP Financial Group, Banking
Lead developer
2022 - 2023

IBM Finland, Consulting
Application architect
2014 - 2022


Programming JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP
Platforms Kubernetes, Openshift
AWS, IBM Cloud, Google cloud platform
Middleware Redis, MongoDB, CouchDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Snowflake
Apache Kafka, Red Hat AMQ, Red Hat SSO
Analysis and design UML, BPMN, OOAD, C4


Bachelor of Business Administration
Haaga-Helia UAS - Helsinki
2012 - 2015


02/2022 Registered Product Owner
07/2020 Google Cloud Platform - Application developer (Coursera)
09/2019 Red Hat Openshift specialist
04/2016 Scrum master
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